Unsolicited Observations as we head into Round Two…

Posted: August 12, 2018 in Uncategorized
Cancer is like NASCAR. There’s one person in the seat, but there’s a whole team working to make that person better.
I’m not defined by what I do.

I’m not defined by my facial hair.
I am defined by my Maker.
I am defined by joy.
I’ve lost over twenty pounds the last couple of months, although, I do NOT recommend this diet plan!!
Hemoglobin is not a Batman villain.
There have been times in the last few weeks that a 7 year old could beat me in arm wrestling in about 13 seconds, normally it would have taken at least a minute.
70s rock is truly medicinal.
I’m amazed by science!! I’ve seen every one of my internal organs, I have a magic port in my chest that allows things to go in and come out….amazing!
I’m blown away by the generosity and kindness of friends, family, and complete strangers.
I love beans.
They, along with peanut butter, have become a trusted dietary go to.
One phone call can change your life.
My skin has been weird, tingly, clammy, AND super dry ALL AT THE SAME TIME! At one point my hands looked like stained glass without any color.
Steroids make me emotional, I cry when I watch fabric softener commercials!
Chemo farts are pretty horrible. I’ve even managed to offend my beagle who is no slouch in the flatulence department!!
There are so many good people fighting a hard fight that a couple of months ago I was clueless about.
We might not choose the plot, but we all get to decide how we will tell our story. I choose to tell a story of wonder, instead of woe.
My help comes from the Maker of the mountains, that is VERY cool.
Life is precious and sweet, and every new day is more beautiful than the one before.

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