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I must say that our granddaughter, the Moonpie, is, suddenly, pretty much an expert on HIGH FIVES.
She is really good at them.
Every time I see her, she will throw her pudgy little hand up and slap my hand with serious enthusiasm!
Her HIGH FIVES are medicine for my mind, body, and spirit.
They are like happy little joy bombs!
I think that one well crafted HIGH FIVE can change your day.
A HIGH FIVE says “I see you!”
It’s not a good feeling when you go in for a HIGH FIVE and somebody leaves you hanging.
That says “I don’t see you…”
not cool.
But, a properly given and received HIGH FIVE is a beautiful thing.
It’s magic.
Along with a greeting, HIGH FIVES are also celebratory contact.
It’s the most basic form of party.
It cost nothing.
It’s not a terribly complicated skill. I have limited motor skills, and I’ve been able to give HIGH FIVES for most of my life.
We have had some celebration this week.
There has been cause for HIGH FIVES.
We have gotten some good reports! The Doctor is pleased with what he has seen so far.
At one point, Diana and me HIGH FIVED each other in a Lab because part of a urine test that came back good.
We wanted to HIGH FIVE the nurse, but he was wearing rubber gloves and that made things awkward.
Ain’t no party like a pee party!
We have also had or witnessed some challenges this week.
There have  been times when instead of HIGH FIVES, we have stretched our hand towards ON HIGH.
That says “do you see me?” or “do you see my friend?”
We’ve had a few challenges this week.
Some new pain, and infection, and deficiency.
So, we lift our hand…
We also have friends, new and old, and family who have faced and fought some stuff.
So, we lift our hand…
Maybe we need a combo platter of the two? Maybe, as we lift our hand ON HIGH, we can also be engaged in the art of the HIGH FIVE with our neighbor.
I think that says: “I see you, and I stand with you.”
we should start the celebration before we even know the reason to party.
I like that!
HIGH FIVES are free, and unlimited, and sometimes they are medicine.
Let’s give them out like crazy!
Let’s give them out, without any discretion, to friends, strangers, enemies, and most of all to children.
One of my favorite Kid President Quotes says: “Give people HIGH FIVES just for getting out of bed…being a person is hard sometimes.”
I see you!
I’m coming in…
don’t leave me hanging…

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