Posted: January 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

When it comes to matters of the art…
Narrowing of the mind is a disease that can affect us all.
We tend to think small when it comes to song, story, sketch, or sculpture.
Narrowing of the mind may be caused by forgetting that “favorite” and “best” are not the same thing.
Narrowing of the mind is serious.
It causes us to disqualify more than we discover.
It can affect all ages.
One of the more obvious symptoms is the tendency to make big, broad statements.
for example:
I hate all rap music.
Fiction is not real literature.
Anything recorded after 1990 is crap.
OR Anything recorded before 1990 is crap.
Abstract art is all weird.
All “secular” art is bad.
Documentaries are boring.
Country music is all garbage.
etc, etc, ad nauseam.
Unlike most viruses, the cure seems to be exposure.
It requires a daily decision to discover, to find something to appreciate even when you don’t understand.
It requires constant self examination.
Stay no to narrowing of the mind.
Live WIDE.

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