Suspicious Minds.

Posted: January 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

We’re caught in a trap…
We are suspicious of grace.
We live with a distrust of the very best of things.
We’ve been told that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.
That may be true of used cars, and timeshares, But, we ascribe it to other things…
The very best of things…
Forgiveness, freedom, faith.
We’re caught in a trap…
We are suspicious of grace.
We would never admit it, but we prove it every day as we never stop trying to earn a spot at the table. Our words say we believe, our actions say we aren’t quite sure and we aren’t going to take a chance.
Insecurity fuels our inability to fully receive something we could never earn.
So we live skeptical of mercy.
Unconditional love?
There must be a catch! There has to be a hidden price tag. We look for the fine print, listen for the disclaimer. It’s got to be a scam, it’s snake oil.
We’re caught in a trap…
We are suspicious of grace.
So we work, work, work.
We perform.
We feel we must prove our worthiness to the one who forever established our worth.
We think real love is out of our reach, when it’s been there all along, nailed to a tree.
Mercy isn’t a merit badge.
Grace is gift.
It is pure, sweet, unearned, undeserved gift.
It’s a product of the Giver.
It’s time to break out of the trap.
Let yourself be loved.
Free fall into the undeserved.

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