Misfit Nation.

Posted: November 30, 2017 in Uncategorized



Five, four, three, two, one…
Misfits of the world today,
Are we looking for a better way?
We are a part of the Misfit Nation.
Misfits of the world unite,
Strength in our weirdness, we can get it right.
One time.
We are a part of the Misfit Nation.
The Misfit Nation defies geography, it is a multicolored Commonwealth realm of Imagine Nation. We are all native born citizens. The only passport needed is peculiarity.
We are a part of the Misfit Nation.
We are all misfits.
Some of us are misfits because we were born that way, there is something we were genetically gifted with that makes us different. We could perceive it as a limitation, but, it is meant to be a light.
Some of us are misfits because we have a dream or belief or passion that just won’t let us blend in. We choose to misfit.
Some of us are misfits because our personality causes us to be a constant square peg in a round hole world.
Some of us are a big beautiful misfit mashup.
Regardless of where we find ourselves, the point is clear… We are all misfits.

We are part of the Misfit Nation.

Some misfitness is harder to hide. But, the simple truth is no matter how hard we try to fit in, we are all part of the misfit nation. There is something that makes you different from everyone else who has ever lived.
That is art not accident.
We are all misfits.
None of us fit in everywhere, it is our differences that make us same. Our uncommon creates common ground.
We try so hard to just fit in.
We try to be normal.
We conform.
We don’t realize that misfits aren’t the same thing as mistakes.
The liberating truth is that misfit is just another word for interesting.
Each of us have been given an incredibly beautiful gift…uniqueness.
We were woven to be wonderfully weird.
We are not a bunch of colorless robots who can only conform, THAT would be BORING!
You weren’t born to be boring!
You weren’t born to fit in, you were designed to stand out.
We are all misfits.
We are supposed to be.
You are misfit, not mistake.
You are art, not accident.
Why in the world would you want to fit in?!
Fly your misfit flag!!
Sing your song and shine a light in the dark.

We are a part of the Misfit Nation.




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