the art of tacos and being a nicer human being.

Posted: November 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls…It’s Taco Tuesday.
And we have a brand new Mexican restaurant
The old place was much closer to our house, it was much more convenient and their tacos are delicious.
We have been going there for a while.
But, we have defected. We have moved on to a new promised land flowing with tamales and guacamole.
The old place was super fast and tasty, it was a little dark and they usually only serve tacos on flimsy paper plates. But, here’s the real deal breaker: it always seems like the staff really doesn’t like people. Maybe, it was something about the resentful way they threw down the chips in front of us. There was no smiling served with the salsa. Maybe, it was the way they clumped together in the corner and seemed to be talking about us. Maybe, it’s because it seemed they were always trying to rush us?
When we are rushed, we get restless, and so one night we stumbled into a new place, it was brightly colored and there was live music! AND, The staff was super friendly. They smile and act like they are actually glad you are there! They call me amigo as they place a big bowl of warm tortilla chips in front of my face.
So we defected.
That’s a big deal for us!! It didn’t just happen.
It took us meeting some friendly people who are working hard to be people friendly.
And THAT made all the difference.
It makes me wonder…
what if we were simply friendly people who worked hard to be people friendly?
What if we approached our work, our faith, our relationships and life in general with this real simple goal?
Be a friend and create an environment that invites friends.
It doesn’t seem super complicated!
You know what else isn’t complicated?

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