God and Ice Cream Trucks.

Posted: October 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I remember when I was a kid, playing in the front yard of my Grandma’s house, when suddenly I would hear a sweet familiar sound…
tink dink ta dink da dinkity dink…
My heart skipped a beat, I made sure I had a dollar and THEN I ran…
I ran as fast as my unnaturally short legs could run.
I ran like an over caffeinated squirrel.
I chased after the truck because I was consumed by a sweet affection.
I had to catch that truck!
I desperately wanted a Fred Flintstone orange push-up, or a rocket pop, or a drumstick…such unparalleled deliciousness!!
I still start to twitch and want to frantically take off when I hear the familiar noise…
tink dink ta dink da dinkity dink…

Let me suggest a completely ridiculous idea…
To God YOU are the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!

It’s simple, He is crazy about you, He loves you in a most unconditional, nonsensical manner. He chases you like an overexcited seven year chases after a ice cream truck.
Does that seem a little sacrilegious to you? Does the thought give you a bit of a brain freeze?
God is consumed by a sweet affection.
We get a sweet, triple scooped picture of this concept in three different ridiculous stories that Jesus told in the Bible.
In Luke chapter 15, he talks about a shepherd that has a hundred sheep and loses one…
…tink dink ta dink…
And a woman who has ten coins and loses one…
…da dinkity…
And a father who has two sons and loses one.
They all run towards what they lost.
Their love compels them to chase.
All three of the heroes in the stories, the Shepherd, the Woman, and the Father, represent the God who runs in pursuit of the object of His affection.
And guess what, here is where it gets personal…
All three lost items, the directionally challenged lamb, the misplaced coin, and the wayward son, all represent us.
We are the pursued ones.
We are the objects of a sweet affection.
We are the ice cream truck.
tink dink ta dink da dinkity dink…
Psalm 23:6 puts it like this: “Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of God for the rest of my life.”
The Creator chases you simply because He loves you and He wants you to be a part of His family.
How do you respond when you are chased by sovereign sweetness?
Let Him catch you!!
Get found!!
Maybe you are in a sour place right now, realize that you are the object of a sweet sovereign affection.
You are the ice cream truck.

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