Our Same Story.

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Uncategorized



I took this picture last week in Charleston because this image spoke to me.
There is great story here.
I looked into the faces of these men and I saw determination and dignity.
But, most of all, I saw hope.
I see men who marched down streets built with bricks made by their enslaved brothers and sisters to fight for hope.
Hope that things could get better, if not for them, for their children.
They fought for the hope that someday, somehow, America could truly be great for EVERYbody.
We don’t know what happened after this picture.
Did these valiant men return from fields of battle.
Did they see the better that they fought for?
We do know that these men are a part of OUR story.
What is happening in Charlottesville is a mockery of the story.

It is pure ugly.
It is the sin of superiority.
It is a gross sin to treat ANY other human as “less”.
It is a sin because we ALL bear the same image.
It looks different on all of us because our Creator has a beautiful imagination.
But, make no mistake, we are “same”.
The sin of superiority has to stop.
We have to fight for the hope that things can get better.
We will never experience “more” if we are treating others as “less”.

Jesus said: “This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”

That seems pretty clear.


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