Life’s a beach.

Posted: August 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

We’ve gotten to spend some time lately at a couple of beaches. It has been pretty awesome. I’m sunburned and my beard smells like saltwater.
I’ve seen things…
Things I can never forget…
Sunsets and speedos.
You see every possible size, shade and shape of humanity at the beach. They have all managed to squeeze their bodies into different degrees of stretchy fabric. It seems that the best thing to wear to the beach is confidence. You can break all kinds of international fashion rules by acting like you don’t care what people think.
I’ve seen little kids trying to build big sand castles, Old men with metal detectors, and young men with frisbees.
I witnessed older ladies wearing big floppy hats fighting loud seagulls over a sandwich, and I’ve seen young girls never look up from their phones to view the infinite horizon right in front of them.
I’ve gotten sand in every possible crevice, it’s a bit uncomfortable. But I realize that if you want the sunshine, you got to put up with the sand.
You can spend some serious cash at the touristy surf stores, the best shops have giant sharks at the doors that you walk through. The stores all basically have the same stuff: brightly colored beach towels, seashell art with catchy sayings like “I need vitamin sea”. You can buy “almost live” hermit crabs, 7 year old salt water taffy, and shot glasses.
There are countless overpriced, undercooked seafood buffets with 112 different kinds of grouper. Places with fun names like “Crabby Jacks” or “the Lethargic Mermaid”. I learned a valuable lesson, ALWAYS ask how much it costs before you pick up a fork or you are going to have to take out a loan. Life is like that, you should consider the cost before diving into something.
There are so many completely different people, but, we are all drawn to the water.
There is something healing, something human there.
It is fundamental and elemental.
It is life.
It’s worth the sand and chafing, the crowds and crabs to feel the sunshine on your face and the foamy ocean water on your toes. It’s worth it to see the Creator’s endless originality (and sense of humor) on display as you see dolphins, seashells and hairy guys in speedos.
Life’s a beach.
Dive in!


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