Posted: April 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

I saw mercy in the tear stained face of a child who had lost a father and forgave the murderer.
And I realized at that moment that, in the darkest days, There is light…
Because of mercy.
Mercy is strong.
Mercy conquers evil.
Mercy is bigger than hate.
Mercy is a muscle. It gains strength as we exercise it. It can become atrophied.
Mercy wraps its arms around the bringer of pain because it sees them as broken.
Mercy only grows from a garden of gratitude.
For whom much is given…
It is fueled by grace.
Mercy is impossible, it is supernatural.
Mercy is holding up a mirror to heaven and letting that be our face.
Mercy is an unappreciated casserole served to the undeserving. Mercy is never, ever deserved.
Mercy is receiving the key to our chains as we let go of the chains of others.
Mercy is beautiful and bold and breathtaking.
Mercy wins.
Maker, you have shown us mercy…
Maker, may we show mercy.

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