the spring break that NEVER ends.

Posted: April 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Growing up we never went on a lot of family vacations. I witnessed my friends pack up in their station wagons with their parents and siblings, draw imaginary lines in the back seat and take off for exotic places like Branson or Orlando.
I always thought I was missing out on something.
I’ve since come to realize that, even though I didn’t rack up any frequent flier miles, I didn’t miss the boat.
We never visited Yosemite or the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.
But, my parents did something far more valuable and vital…
They gave me wings.
They read to me and in front of me.
They showed me the importance of a good book.
Mom read to me and took me to countless library “story-hours” (it was like happy hour for 6 year olds). She was always reading something.
And every night I watched Dad bravely ride the trails with Louis L’Amour without ever leaving his well worn recliner. It’s drastically important for a boy to see his Dad read. It demonstrates that knowledge and imagination are some of the manliest of pursuits.
By example, my folks handed me a perpetual passport.
They gave me permission to take a staycation in the nation of Imagine.
Oh, the places I’ve gone!
I once visited a little house on a prairie, I saw where the red fern grows. I moseyed through the OK Corral and sat at a round table. I learned to stay gold. I’ve orbited Jupiter and explored Narnia. I’ve spent a lot of time at Hogwarts and I’ve hung out with hobbits. I’ve met a Big Friendly Giant and a pirate named Long John Silver. I’ve hitchhiked across the galaxy and set sail on the Mississippi.
I really don’t like to brag, but I’ve gone where the wild things are with a cat in a hat.
I have believed six impossible things before breakfast.
Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me something more valuable than an amusement park fastpass. By your example you ignited my imagination and showed me that I can cross all boundaries and borders.
It’s been a truly beautiful journey.
It’s a spring break that still goes on.

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