You belong!

Posted: April 12, 2017 in Uncategorized


I think one reason for the strong reaction against United airlines about the removal of a passenger (besides the BIG fact that it’s horribly wrong) is that it touches a raw nerve in each of us. We all seem to live under the constant threat of rejection. We all find ourselves in spaces and places where we are pretty sure we don’t belong.
We are different, we don’t know all the right answers, we aren’t following the dress code, we don’t have the pedigree or possessions to guarantee a space for ourselves.
We somehow found our way to the table and found the place card with our name. But, it’s got to be a mistake, right?! I mean, come on, if they really knew, surely someone would jerk our place card and point us toward the exit. And, if we refused to leave, they would drag us away kicking and screaming.
Our unbelongingness will be revealed for the whole world to see.
That is our fear.
That is the reason we cringe at the sight of a grown man being dragged from a plane.
That should be us.
Beloved, let me tell you something deep and true…YOU BELONG.
There is a place at the table for you.
The place card is written in permanent ink.
There is a space that only YOU can fill.
The table will never be overbooked.
It grows.
You belong…
I feel so ridiculously strong about your belongingness that I did something a little cheesy.
I made you an official forever place card.
Print it out, write your name on it, laminate it, show it to anyone who tries to make you leave.
You are a card carrying belonger.

Carry your card EVERYwhere.
Because, chances are there will be a SOMEwhere that you don’t feel like you belong. In those times look at your place card and realize that there is a place for you…
No matter where and when that is.
Then, sit down, relax, be yourself, and, for the love of God, don’t let ANYone pull you out of your seat.

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