Posted: April 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yonder is a good southern word.
As a child of the south, I’ve heard it all my life. I’ve taken it for granted. I failed to recognize the unparalleled expansiveness of yonder.
But, not anymore…
It’s become one of my favorite words.
It’s a directional word…
“Go out yonder”.
It’s also a word without limits…
“Here we go into the wide blue yonder”.
Yonder is a word that makes you wonder.
It opens the gate and invites you to explore.
Yonder always takes you further.
It’s a time released container of “more”.
It takes you outside the limits, outside your field of vision.
Yonder creates both uncertainty and courage, because you are never sure if you’ve arrived, but you are having a great adventure.
You can see why it’s become one of my favorite words.
I want to live in the outlying land of yonder.
It’s wide opener out there.
I know the way, the directions are simple…
Just go out yonder.

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