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IMG_6493The last few months we have had a construction site directly across from our house. There have been countless large trucks and men with tool belts. They are building a big new house. It’s been pretty crazy! There’s lots of dust and debris. We look out our front window and we have a beautiful scenic view of a lovely, green, industrial porta potty. There is also a wonderful dumpster. It’s pretty magical.
I really should see the big picture, newness is coming to the cul-de-sac. That’s good, but it’s bugging me. I get impatient with all the mess that comes with progress. I’m not giving them much grace because they are invading my space.
I’m ready for it to be done!
I was grumbling under my breath about this the other day when I got grace slapped.
I was reminded of how far I am from done. The thought came to me that I am a construction sight. I am my own complete mess.
I’m a completely original DIY project for God, and I will be until the day I see His face.
You are in the same cul-de-sac.

We are an unfinished people.

Until the day that we draw our last breath, we are unfinished.
We are constantly in process.
This actually should be good news. It should set you free. If we think there is a possibility of us being finished and perfect, we beat ourselves up if we aren’t. We act like we are finished and we have it figured out. We need to realize it’s totally, completely ok to not be ok.
We are an unfinished people.
Unfinished people GET grace and space.
Unfinished people GIVE grace and space.
WHAAA?! You aren’t perfect? SHOCKER! Welcome to the human race my friend!
Excellence is overrated(and usually unobtainable). Instead of moving from good to great, we need to hurl ourselves from great to grace. Then we will see how much more fun life can be.
GET grace!
GIVE grace!
Give yourself the space to be perfectly imperfect. Give YOURSELF the room to be unfinished. THEN, give the unfinished others the same grace and space. You are meant to be different in a year than today. Make room for construction.
Ruth Bell Graham’s headstone reads: “End of Construction – Thank You for Your Patience”.
I love that!!! She got it!!
We are all at different stages of construction.
We all have our dust and debris.
We are all also farther along than we were this time yesterday.
We are an unfinished people.
That should give you a dumpster load of hope and patience.
We are all walking, talking construction sites. God is crafting a habitation for Himself in YOU. The crazy thing is that He moves in the moment we invite Him, because He is all about inside jobs.
YOU are a completely original DDIY (Divine Do It Yourself) project, and you WILL be until the day that you see your builder face to face.
We are an unfinished people, that should mak

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