Posted: March 7, 2017 in Uncategorized


Love doesn’t boycott, bully, belittle or brag.
Love builds, brings and beckons.

Love doesn’t shutout or slander.
Love is a welcome mat.

Love doesn’t throw you under the bus,
Love buys you a ticket to ride.

Love doesn’t look with desire.
Love listens with delight.

Love doesn’t grab, love gives and gives and gives.

Love won’t stay in a box,
It’s way too LARGE for that.
It can’t be contained, but it can be cultivated.

Love is strong, it’s stronger than death.
Yet, at the very same time, love is tender.
Love never forces, love frees.
Love doesn’t intrude, love invites.

Love trusts, hopes, and doesn’t give up.
Love celebrates. Love likes to party.
Love proves itself to be BIG in the smallest ways.


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