Higher Learning.

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized


I’m a proud alumni of Schoolhouse Rock
I’m not sure how impressive that would be on my resume, but it’s true.
Music and pictures taught me much more than lectures and standardized tests. There’s a lesson there!
Why do I treasure my time at the School of Schoolhouse Rock?
Why, its elementary, my dear. I learned the function of a conjunction. I celebrated the great American melting pot. I discovered that three is truly a magic number and zero is a hero! I was told to unpack my adjectives and that was great, important and magnificent. I still can tell you how a lowly bill can become a law. THAT is electricity, electricity!! I was off to great places with Interplanet Janet. I learned that learning can be fun! I discovered discovery and it had a beat that you can dance to!
I’m pretty sure that I got a Masters from the School of Schoolhouse Rock, It’s been forty years and I can STILL sing along with all the songs.
So, I THINK I will put that on my resume,
with Schoolhouse Rock, how wonderful you are.

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