Talkin’ bout YOUR generation.

Posted: January 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Those crazy millennials!
With their skinny jeans and man buns and coffee shops and questionable work ethic…
I hear millennials get blamed for a lot.
They seem to be the cause for the mess we find ourselves in.
It’s not US, must be THEM, right?
We group a generation together and paint them all with the same accusatory brush. It’s gotta stop! Accusing the young is getting old.
You would think that we would have recognized by now that stereotypes stifle spirit.
We need to quit treating people like they are inherently worse than us because they were born after us.
EVERY age is golden in it’s own way AND EVERY age is tarnished in it’s own way.
EVERY generation, since the beginning of time, has BOTH stepped up AND screwed up. It’s a tasty combo platter of our DNA and the consequences of our choices.
But there is hope for all of us, we are ALL equal parts of beautiful AND broken.
It’s about family instead of generation.
We ALL have both nothing AND everything to offer.
Let’s learn from each other during our shared journey.

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