Norbert knows his nose.

Posted: November 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Norbert has a big snout.
It’s a huge, unbelievably ginormous nose!
It’s appearance is just plain weird,
Like a cross between a mango and garden hose!

People stare and then look away,
Hoping he doesn’t notice, I suppose.
But the actual factual is—it’s true—
That Norbert knows his nose!

He knows his schnoz is just plain big
And shaped like tropical fruit.
But it’s okay. In fact, you see,
He actually likes his snoot!

He smiles because
He thinks it’s real funny,
Especially when
It’s red and runny.

That’s just the start. All Norbert’s parts
Will often make him giggle.
He laughs a lot when he chews food
’Cause it makes his ears both wiggle.

He snorts out loud at his little toes
’Cause they’re shaped just like cheese curls.
Just mention his neck or belly button,
And he’ll laugh until he hurls.

Norbert wouldn’t change if he could.
He’s totally self-content.
Norbert likes all of the things
That make him different.

Norbert knows the truth, you see.
Even though we have the same parts,
We’re different sizes, shapes, and colors,
All with various kinds of skills and smarts!

Our differences are what make us unique.
So Norbert celebrates his hairy, huge feet.

Our differences make us one of a kind.
Everyone’s a limited-edition, priceless find!

If you try spending all your time
To be like Jane or Bill,
There’d be an empty spot in history
That only you could fill.

You are not like anyone else
In all the whole wide world.
So don’t you go and follow the crowd.
Let the real you be unfurled!

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