Freedom Song.

Posted: November 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m not a slave to space, system or situation.
The UNLIMITED ONE has brought me liberation.
I am free.
I can dream BIG and walk true and truly free,
Heaven’s resources are now available to me.
I am free.
I’m not a slave to the rhythm.
It’s a new dance that I’ve been given.
I am free.
My Independence didn’t come by mere earthly means,
If it had, it would be no bigger than mere human beings.
I am free.
It was a joyful revolution,
The only real solution.
It’s not about retribution.
It’s not because of institution.
It was an unimaginable substitution,
That lead to undeserved absolution.
I am free.
Jesus broke every chain that was holding me,
His GREAT love has bought me the sweetest liberty.
I am not a slave.
I am free.

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