Divine day pass.

Posted: September 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I wish there were day passes to heaven.
I would get a chance to say the things that were left unsaid, catch up with some friends who left too soon. I would sit on a bench with my Dad and show him pictures of his beautiful granddaughter. I would finger-paint with my Grandma. I would play a quick game of bingo with my Mother-in-law. I would look around at all the undiscovered wonder and unbroken beauty. I would be captured by the WOWNESS. And…I wouldn’t want to come back. I wouldn’t want to wander away from a world without pain, a world without end. That’s probably why they don’t give out day passes. Nobody would want to come back.
So, here I am with my feet on the ground and head in the clouds. My true citizenship is in a place that I’ve never been. I hunger for heaven, I don’t think that’s accidental. I think heaven is the perfect prototype for what earth was meant to be. But, choices and consequences have marred and scarred. Ugly crept over the land, but beautiful can not be denied. There are glimmers of the homeland. There are chunks of light squeezing through the dark places. There are appetizers that awaken our senses to a glory that is beyond our imagination. If we are paying attention, we find that heaven droppings have been generously tossed around like glossy tourist pamphlets. We are surrounded by a percentage of paradise, enough to remind us of A homeland we haven’t lived in yet. A hope for those beloved travelers who have gone on before us. We miss them but we know that they live in the completely undiluted land of the incomparable, and nobody would want to come back from that.

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