faith like maple syrup.

Posted: July 17, 2016 in Uncategorized





This might sound sappy, but I want a faith like maple syrup.

I want a faith that is thick, sweet and sticky.

I want a faith that is thick.

I don’t want a thin faith. Thin is easily broken.

I don’t want watered down or shallow.
I want substance. I want weight. I want thick.
Maple syrup, the real stuff, is thick, it’s slow. It moves in sugary slow motion. It doesn’t instantly cover your pancakes. It slowly oozes down and covers. True goodness doesn’t just happen. It’s slow, it’s thick. Thick can’t be hurried, It takes time. But, it’s worth the wait.
We live in a frantic, hurried world. We want instant. We don’t like to wait. We take shortcuts and rush through our days like life is a competitive sprint.
Thick faith forces us to slow down and savor, to stop and pay attention and listen for the whisper of the Spirit. Thick faith allows me the space to wait upon the Lord so that He can renew my strength.
I want a faith that is thick.

I want a faith that is sweet.
A faith that invites me to taste and see that the Lord is good…so incredibly good!
It’s not a faith for spectators, it’s for those who want to taste and experience.
It’s a faith with flavor. And that flavor is sweet. That’s good because we, often, live in a sour world. Things can get salty. In the midst of the sour, salty times we need something to sweeten our life. We need a faith that says you are loved and there is hope. Life can be hard, but there is a sweetness to be discovered.
Maple syrup is it’s own special kind of sweet.
There’s nothing like it. The flavor is totally distinctive. It also has a scent that makes you pay attention. It draws you in.
I want a fragrant faith that grabs the attention of others for all the right reasons.
I want a faith that spreads seeds of sweetness.
I want a faith that is sweet.

I want a faith that is sticky.
I need a faith that I can’t outgrow or outrun.
I need something to believe that I can’t shake off.
I need a full bodied faith that sticks with me through the good times and the bad times. It is even there during the inconvenient times when it would be easy to set it aside, the times when faith asks more than it offers. I can’t shake it. Sometimes faith is hard. You have more questions than answers. But, if I have a sticky faith I can stick it out through the dark nights until the light shines through.
True story: I’m a sloppy eater and sometimes when I eat pancakes, maple syrup gets in my beard. It’s super sticky. It clumps my facial follicles together like a glue.
Sticky faith clumps our life together. It permeates every part of me.
I want a faith that is sticky.

I want a faith like maple syrup.

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