Soul Pirate.

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Uncategorized




So, I’ve written a wild new book called “Soul Pirate Handbook” and it’s being unleashed on May 10th. You can preorder it now here:
(PLEASE preorder it now!)
I’ve had lots of people…ok, 6, I’ve had 6 people ask me “Luke, what in the the WORLD is a Soul Pirate?” Here is a little back cover blurb that should answer that question…

“We are created to live in the unpredictable wildness of an untamed life.
We are wired for adventure…
We were born to be Soul Pirates.

So what is a Soul Pirate? Soul Pirates have discovered a love that is deeper than an ocean and a treasure that is worth living and dying for. Soul Pirates know in their guts that they were not created to conform or hang out in the kiddie pool. Soul Pirates hoist their colors, declare their allegiance and live their life in pursuit of real freedom, lasting friendship, and true fortune.”

Hopefully this little teaser makes you think: “WOW! I really can NOT live without this crazy book!” AND “I’m going to get a copy for myself, my kids, my parents, my friends, my enemies, my hairdresser, my barista and all my pirate pals!”
PLEASE consider grabbing a copy (or 12) and share this post if ye dare!!

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