The charge of the Lie Brigade.

Posted: April 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

All in the valley of “things that I tell myself”
Rode the accuser of humanity, itself.
“Forward, the Lie Brigade!
Charge for the right thinking” he bade;
“Crush it with an endless tirade!”

The war between my ears wages on.
Insecurity to the right of me,
Pride to the left of me,
Fear in front of me,
I’m assaulted by accusation.
What can grant me liberation.

I need a revolution.
The first lie that has to die is the one that says that I can win this by myself.
I need a renewal of mind, a revolution of thought.
I need to see things through new eyes.
The maker of me makes a reply,
I’m not a mistake, there is for me, a why,
I’m uniquely crafted to fly.
The war between my ears can be won,
By choosing the perspective of the Son.

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