Gonzo the red faced shepherd.

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Gonzo the red faced shepherd had a good heart,
Even though he usually smelled like a goat fart.
He and the other shepherds always got left out,
They were misfits and rejects, there’s no doubt.
All of the other humans used to laugh and call them names,
They never let the shepherds join in any religious games.

Then, they were hanging in a foggy field late at night,
When, SUDDENLY, there was an angel dressed in light.
He cleared his throat and said “don’t fear!
Here’s really BIG news, your savior is here!”
Then an army of angels came in on the fly,
And had an epic dance party in the sky.

The shepherds ran into the town and found Mary and Joe,
There was the baby, smelling like a diaper, but still all aglow.
Gonzo worshipped, which seemed like the right thing to do,
When you find out that God is making everything new.

The ones who normally didn’t get invited to ANYthing,
Were the very first to see the newborn King.
They ran to shout the news with crazy glee,
Tonight, God has forever changed history.

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