Brand New.

Posted: February 27, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


There is a salvage yard across from my oncology clinic.

That’s kind of ironic, there is a body shop next to a body shop.
It’s also kind of ironic because I started salvage therapy this morning.
That simply means that we are doing something more aggressive because standard therapy didn’t work on me.
So we start salvage therapy.
I’m looking at the salvage yard as I sit in the BIG magic chair and get a bag of clear fluid attached to my chest.
My counts are good including the hemoglobin that put me in the emergency room this week.

The whoopee cushion that is attached to my my tummy is making some wild and offensive noises. The room is very still and quiet and in the chair next to me is a very prim and proper older lady who has perfectly coiffed hair and a sweater vest. Every time that the bonus butt makes a bonus butt belch, she looks at me like I just kicked a puppy.
I just give her an apologetic smile.
Other than my out of control whoopee cushion, the infusion suite is very mellow. It’s almost like kindergarten nap time for grown ups. Except we don’t get to lay on the floor with blankies and we all have needles in our bodies.
As I awkwardly recline in the chair, the faux blue vinyl makes my skin sweat. It’s almost like wearing a crunchy coat. I’m glad I’m wearing a coat or I would stick to the chair like cheap Velcro.
I learned a new word from a Star Wars book today: gastropod. It refers to a space slug or snail in the book. For some reason it is a good word to describe my digestive system today. I feel all space sluggy.
I got through day one of this new round. I’m ready to get home and get a little rest. The big side effects so far are that my head feels like it weighs as much as a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, I have a strong desire to listen to Hanson music, and the whole sluggishness thing.
As we drive off I look again towards the salvage yard and I ponder…
I AM a salvage project…
I have been wrecked, broken, and crashed…
by disease…
by a broken world.
I AM being made new again…
by the calloused and caring hands of the Master Mechanic.
I AM His restoration project…
So are you.
He made us…
Now He is making us new.
Brand new.

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