feeling musical…

Posted: February 3, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


I’m feeling musical today…

My body makes sounds like a cheap kazoo.
It ain’t pretty, but I’m happy to be making some noise!
I got rid of some heavy metal this morning.
Our awesome nurse took a little staple remover and pulled twenty three staples out of my belly.
I laid there and listened to the very groovy beat of “twink…twink…twink…” as they fell into a cup.
For the near future, I have an easy listening eating plan.
It looks like I will be on a liquid diet for about a week. That’s fine, my wife makes a killer smoothie!
I had sweet tea for the first time this afternoon…in the south, THAT is a big deal.
It really deserves a country song: “I’m drankin’ hospital sweet tea, but that’s just fine with me…”
The Doctor, who really looks and acts like a jazz musician, told us today that we might get out tomorrow.
That is music to my ears.

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