plastic noses and the art of healing.

Posted: February 1, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


The BIG news…

The nose tube is out!!!
I’m still on a delightful ice chip diet, but those taste better without a side of snotty rubber. We have made enough digestive progress to yank it! I failed to get photos…sorry. Coming out was almost as awkwardly uncomfortable physically as it was going in, just with a ton of hope to calm the awkward.
You can get through stuff when you realize that on the other side you won’t have a tube in your snozz.
I do have metal staples in my belly, suddenly I’m avoiding magnets. But, any real pirate knows the power of a well placed scar as it becomes a story.
Things are moving along…and by that I mean things are literally moving along.
That was job one.
We are ready to get along with the business of mending.
It’s amazing how much healing has to happen in order to get busy healing.
That’s where we are at.
We have to heal from this unrelated sucker punch before we can chemo-chop the belly bully again.
We can still prayer-punch the jerk.
And that is what we do.
It was meant for evil.
But…not today…
We will turn around and beat the green nasal soup out of him with this setback.

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