The road goes on…

Posted: December 21, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.



Well friends, our journey continues!
Or in the immortal words of Robert Earl Keen: “The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”
That’s kind of how we are feeling right now.

We went into the Oncology office this morning to get the results for the PET scan.
It’s been several weeks and it was really good to see people who have become dear friends. We hugged and said our howdys.

Then we found ourselves waiting in a familiar office.
The doctor came in.
There was more hugging and we looked at creepy looking pictures of my insides.

And we found out that for now, the road goes on.

But, the good news is that it’s a very well lit road.

Here’s the road map: every area has been resolved EXCEPT for one spot that is keeping the good Doctor from declaring remission.

I have a “fistula” that is attached to my small intestine.
It’s kind of like a little dump truck driving in circles trying to dump off a load of nastiness.
Right now it is doubled parked on my intestine.
It has to be surgically towed away.
We talk to the surgeon next Thursday and surgery will be probably right away. Then there will be a three week recovery time. The surgeon will do a biopsy while they have me open to determine if what is left is infection, inflammation or lymphoma.

Spoiler alert: if it is still lymphoma that will require another 3 week round of very intensive chemo, but that is worst case scenario.
The Doctor really thinks once we deal with the fistula we will be looking at remission.

In the in between…
We continue to kick hard against the darkness and put our hope in the Maker and Mender of my crazy, beautiful body.
We put our hands in his hands and we continue to walk down this road.
It’s not an easy road, there are twists and turns.
But, it leads to a good, happy place.
I grew up on a red dirt road so it seems familiar.
It’s a rocky road…
But, it’s really well lit.

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