You dropped a bomb on me, baby.

Posted: December 8, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Diana made a new friend at Walmart a few days ago. 

My amazing wife is working a second part time/weekend job there to help pay some bills.

(BTW…even if you don’t work there, Walmart is a really good place to make new friends and that is one of our goals every time we are there. We are proud to be Walmart people.) 

She was being trained by a lady with an amazing assortment of tattoos, including a breast cancer ribbon engraved on her neck. 

Diana doesn’t have any tattoos…yet.

But as the spouse of a heavily tatted dude, she appreciates the art and story behind the ink. 

Diana and her hardworking coworker were in the meat freezer. 

Di asked her about her tattoos.

The lady didn’t skip a beat while loading heavy boxes of beef into a cart. 

She cleared her throat and said “I had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma eighteen years ago.”

She doesn’t have it anymore.

Right there in a chilly meat freezer, a new friend dropped a bomb on my wife…

A big hope bomb.

Possibility exploded in her spirit right next to some salami. 


In the last few months we have been bombed countless times. 

Hope bombs…




Words of life…

Acts of love…

Protein shakes…



Amazing creative gifts…

Texts and instant messages…

Songs and stories.

We have been the incredibly grateful targets of so many Hope bombs.

In the last few days we have received envelopes stuffed full of hope. 

We are unbelievably thankful. 

Hope bombs seem to ignite at just the right time,  they release positivity and possibilities. 

They have showered strong love all over our souls. 

We have learned that God drops hope bombs. 

He does it in unlikely places and unlikely ways.

He will use whoever he wants to do it. 

God drops hope bombs to remind us that we are not alone. 

God uses people as friendly fighter pilots to drop hope bombs. 

Most of the time, it seems that they don’t even realize the power behind their words and actions. 

It is so ridiculously beautiful. 

It’s also contagious!

As the incredibly grateful targets of so many Hope bombs, we can not wait to drop some bombs on other people. 

You dropped a bomb on me, baby. 

Thank you!

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