The Season of Waiting…

Posted: December 3, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


As I write this the season of Advent has just begun.
Advent is the time leading up to Christmas.
It is time to anticipate the celebration of the inconceivable idea that God was conceived as a human.
Jesus came as a baby to rescue humanity and he brought hope, love, joy, and peace.
Advent is basically the season of waiting for God to show up.
I find myself in a season of waiting.
I find myself waiting for hair to grow back. I’ve been told that when my hair grows back it will be different. It could be curly or a different color.
I’ve been hoping that it would grow back red so that I can identify myself as transginger.
If that doesn’t happen I’m hoping for really thick black chest hair. The kind of chest hair that makes me look Italian, and gives me a place to hide my car keys.
I find myself waiting for some things to get flushed out of my body. There are still crazy things, like steroids and drugs, that are acting like that one person who is in no hurry to leave the party. They just keep hanging out, eating four hour old BBQ cocktail weenies and telling the same stories over and over.
I’m ready for my unwanted party guests to leave.
I find myself waiting for strength. I’m getting stronger every day, but I’m waiting for the day that I can salsa dance and roundhouse kick small shrubbery.
I find myself waiting for answers. What is next? What has happened? I go in for a test in a few weeks, then we wait for a few days for answers. This is the place where waiting is the toughest. As we wait, thoughts dance around in my mind. Loud time released thoughts of both probability and possibilities compete for my attention. As I wait, I find it’s better to focus on thoughts of impossibility.
I find myself waiting for a “let there be no doubt”.
let there be no doubt what happened here.
let there be no doubt who did this.
let there be no doubt that God showed up.
Advent is the season of waiting for God to show up.
That is where I find myself.
“But I will look to the LORD;
I will wait for the God of my salvation.
My God will hear me.”
—Micah 7:7

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