Jump the Track.

Posted: November 27, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Do you remember the cars at Six Flags that you “drove” around on the big track?

They were supercool sports cars that (if you were 42 inches tall) you got to take for a spin. You climbed into the shiny red car, hit the gas, and turned the wheel, and you THOUGHT you were really driving.

The truth was that the cars were attached to the track, the rails just guided them around the same old track again and again.

You would start and end up at the same spot, the loading station that usually resembled a old gas station.
Chemo is kind of like that except that every time you come back around to the filling station, your car gets heavier and less comfortable.
It’s a cycle…you go around the track again and again and again.
I went around six times.
You spin the steering wheel to no avail, the car does what it is supposed to do.
UNTIL…that magical day when you get to jump the track and take off in a blaze of glory.
You aren’t driving nearly as fast as you think because you are pretty sluggish, but you are out of there!
You ring a beautiful gold bell on the way out as a way to say “YEEHAW!”
I jumped the track a while back and I’ve been trying to put some distance between me and the killer cure.

It’s good to see chemo in the rear view mirror!

The farther I get away from it the stronger I get.
I had my bloodwork done yesterday and it all came back really good. Last week was ROUGH, the side effects did a number on me! But, I’m feeling much better. My strength is coming back. Now it’s just a matter of getting the chemo drugs and steroids out of my stomach and system.
I am scheduled for a PET scan in a few weeks, than we get the results a few days later.
The results will determine what’s next…
a party or plan B.
We are believing BIG for a party, a BIG party where my granddaughter and me can wear matching tiaras and dance silly dances.
In the meantime…
We drive…
We put the pedal to the metal…
We get busy living, and laughing, and loving.

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