defeat and de feet.

Posted: November 9, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


The other day when they told us that we could leave the hospital I didn’t waste anytime losing the lime green hospital gown that had exposed my expansive backside for days. I flung it off like yesterday’s spoiled yogurt. (I did keep the lovely purple skid proof socks, because I figured we got charged $148 for those.)

I got dressed in my street clothes in record time…cargo shorts…t-shirt…socks…37 seconds…BOOM!
Then, I put on my beloved slip on Vans…
They were much tighter than I remembered.
They were downright uncomfortable!
That was weird!
I mentioned it to Diana.
We decided my feet were probably swollen from all the fluids and laying around in a big mechanical bed.
So I just wore the shoes home, I grimaced every time I walked and wondered how big my feet were going to grow.
I took off my Vans as soon as I got home and tossed them in the closet.
This morning, as I was getting ready I slipped on my slip ons. They were STILL tight and uncomfortable. WHAT? This can’t be! My petite feet can’t still be swollen. I picked up a shoe and felt around inside…
LO and BEHOLD, there was a sock wadded up in the toe of each shoe!
Weird life lesson: don’t go through life with wadded up dirty laundry, it will only make things uncomfortable!

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