Posted: October 24, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Disease can make things awkward.

People react to sickness and shortcomings so many ways.

Many people don’t know what to say or how to act, so they don’t say anything.
I get it!!
Some people cock their heads and only talk to you in hushed tones like they are talking to a small child with limited reasoning abilities.
That is kind of odd!
But, many people just talk to you like a friend. They ask how you are doing, but they also talk about football, and movies, dogs, and new  ice cream places.
That is good.
Some people are afraid to touch you.
Most of the time, they don’t want to hurt you, knock you down or spread germs.
That is thoughtful.
Some don’t want to catch what you got.
I’ve explained a couple of times that cancer isn’t contagious.
But, that doesn’t mean you won’t catch something from me…
What I HAVE is not contagious.
Who I AM is contagious.
It’s true!!
We are constantly spreading something.
We are born infectious. It’s not some weird zombie thing, it’s the fact that we, as humans, are created to rub off on each other.
That is supposed to be good.
Our attitudes and actions are contagious.
People are affected and infected by you!
It’s not about WHAT you have.
It’s about WHO you are.
Love is infectious,
So is hate.
Joy is infectious,
So is despair.
Hope is infectious,
So is fear.
We have to choose what we are going to spread around.
Maybe we need a soul vaccination against the things that can hurt us.
I think it’s usually a matter of perspective.
Do we live according to what we see or what we believe?
When our attitude is appearance based, it’s easy to get drug down and we end up spreading fear.
It’s not always easy to choose faith and trust.
But, it’s worth it to infect the world with hope and joy.
Find light in the little things and shine it around.
Choose joy.
Then throw it around like confetti.
You were born infectious.
Who you ARE is contagious.
What will you spread?

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