Thank You.

Posted: October 16, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


This morning during my sponge bath…
I realize that not many stories start like that!
But, this morning during my sponge bath, my rockstar wife and I started something.
We started a conversation with our Creator.
We started telling God what we were thankful for.
We didn’t ask him for anything, we just expressed gratitude for what we already have, know, and believe.
We are thankful for…
Running water.
Good books and music.
My remaining body hair that makes me look like a random Dr Seuss character.
Incredibly understanding and kind employers.
Steroids that make my face my favorite color.
Grocery store fried chicken.
We are thankful for…
The fact that Jesus still heals!
That miracles are the currency of heaven, and heaven invades earth all the time.
God gives gifts based on his great love and not based on our sometimes not so great performance.
The thanksgiving carried over to the kitchen…
We are thankful for…
Coffee and hot tea.
Delicious protein shakes (I never thought I would be thankful for kale, but I am!)
The chance to hear our daughter and granddaughter on speakerphone.
A sweet but ornery beagle.
Crazy socks, it’s Tuesday so I’m wearing socks with little flying tacos.
Gratitude changes everything!
We have to choose gratitude over grudge or guilt.
We have to choose thankfulness over cynicism or comparison.
Gratitude is a higher and harder road, but the view is amazing. You gain a perspective that changes everything.
Thankfulness invites goodness to run wild.
Several roads diverged in a wood.
We chose the one marked gratitude.
And that has made all the difference.
By the way, I’m SO very thankful for a wonderful wife who is willing to give me sponge baths during treatment weeks.

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