Bundle of Joy.

Posted: September 27, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


We call newborn babies bundles of joy.

Even though sometimes they stink and they need to be changed.

Even though sometimes they cry.
Even though you aren’t going to get any sleep.
There is joy.
There is discovery.
There is pure potential that smells like baby powder.
The potential is born of the fact that every baby is born to be loved and to love in return.
What if we viewed each newborn DAY as a bundle of joy waiting to be unwrapped?
Sometimes it’s a stinky day.
Sometimes we experience unexpected change.
Sometimes you might want to cry.
Sometimes new days are preceded by sleepless nights.
Joy doesn’t depend on any of those things.
Joy flows from the fact that you are loved, and you can love in return.
There is freshly powdered potential for great joy in every new day.
There is discovery.
What if we lived like we were expecting a bundle of joy…
every single day.

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