Fu Manchu.

Posted: August 24, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


I wore a fake mustache to my Doctor appointment today.

I realize that normal people don’t do that.

I have absolutely no interest in being normal.
The fake ‘stache was a Fu Manchu, I looked like a deranged hipster truck driver.
On the way, I got some looks of confused respect from the construction workers in our neighborhood.
I got strange looks in the parking lot.
I think people were looking for the other members of the Village People.
Diana and I quietly walked into the office.
There was a poor innocent lady in the waiting room who just couldn’t make eye contact with me.
I walked up to the receptionist, who has become a good friend of ours. She is an awesome lady and a self proclaimed joy pimp. She acknowledged us, but she was working hard. She didn’t look up at first, but when she did, she giggled.
And then there was a loud guffaw.
She said that she had been having a bad morning and that my fake facial hair had somehow made her day.
Mission accomplished!
If I can lighten the load for someone and make them giggle, my life is really good.
There was a time when I had BIG plans, I wanted to be a BIG deal.
I wanted fame and fortune and respect.
I realize now that it’s better to make a BIG difference in small ways than to be a BIG deal.
My goals are pretty simple these days…
1. Heal.
2. Unleash some joy while I’m healing.
That’s it.
I’ve spent a lot of my life thinking I needed a position and a plan.
Now, I realize that purpose is more important than position, and it’s a whole lot simpler.
The disease that I currently fight has stopped some of my plans.
I find myself on a medical leave until December, so that I can heal.
BUT…and this is a BIG but…
The disease that I currently fight can NOT stop my purpose.
Pain can paralyze plans.
Purpose can proceed as an act of defiance against pain.
My present day purpose can be summed up in two words:
Unleash Joy.
But, here’s the crazy thing…It’s been my purpose all my life.
The lines are just a little clearer now.
Everyone has a purpose.
It’s usually simple.
It grows out of who you are and who you’ve always been.
It’s BIGGER than plans or position.
It makes you unstoppable.
Now, excuse me, I’m gonna take a selfie with a silly nose.
  1. Lisa Grimm Maus says:

    Thanks for sharing Pastor Luke, it’s a great lesson for all of us!


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