Being Tigger.

Posted: August 21, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland., Uncategorized


My Grandma introduced me to Pooh when I was a kid.
I’m forever grateful.
I loved the books, I loved the movies.
I lost myself in the story.
I wasn’t the only one.
Winnie the Pooh is one of the most beloved characters ever.
But, now many of us try to find ourselves in the story.
There are Pooh Personality Tests.
Like a warm fuzzy Myers Briggs, they help you understand yourself better by telling you which character you are.
You would think, based solely on physical appearance that I would relate to the Silly Ol’ Bear.
I AM built like Winnie and most of my shirts fit funny.
I also really like honey (or hunny).
But I’m not Pooh.
I’ve always been Tigger.
It’s not always popular to be Tigger.
Sometimes Owl and Rabbit don’t take Tigger seriously.
He is a lightweight.
He is way too enthusiastic.
He’s really annoying.
He’s a morning person.
He gets in trouble.
He sings off key.
I’ve always been Tigger.
And right now, it serves me well to be Tigger.
Because of two handy Tigger life skills…
Roaring and bouncing.
Tigger is hardly stealth.
He arrives at Pooh’s front door and announces himself with a stylized roar.
I’m here!!
I’ve never been sneaky.
I usually unintentionally announce my entrance into a room, I’m loud and sometimes I’m clumsy.
I know how to roar.
The roar says I’m still here!
And so I roar!
I also know how to bounce.
Bouncing is what Tiggers do best.
Bouncing is a skill that makes Tigger appear bigger than he actually is.
I’ve bounced to avoid things.
I’ve bounced to escape, or get out of responsibilities.
Now I find that the power of the bounce is found in what you are bouncing to and not from.
So I bounce toward…
As I bounce away from things, situations, and hurts, they become smaller.
And so I bounce.
We all find our own way to Christopher Robin’s house.
Some bounce like me, some saunter.
As long as you find your way home, it’s all good.
Some of my best friends are Eeyore, I wouldn’t change them for a pot of honey.
I need them in my life. Without them the Hundred Acre Wood  is incomplete.
And so I roar and I bounce.

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