A Walk with Dad in the Woods.

Posted: August 14, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland., Uncategorized

Spring forest in fog. Beautiful natural landscape. Vintage style

I tend to wander…
And sometimes I find myself in the woods,
Surrounded by the beautiful unknown.
I walk on the unbeaten path, brown leaves crunching under my feet.
There are thistles and trees all around me, I scrape up my arms and legs trying to get through.
I’m just trying to find my way through the forest.
But, I am lost, I don’t know the way out.
I’m cold and confused.
Then it gets worse…
I hear noises…was that a wolf?
I’m pretty sure that it was a wolf!
It is probably out looking for lunch.
I probably look pretty tasty.
My heart begins to race.
I try to make my way through the twisted terrain.
I can’t…
I hear a voice.
I hear a warm, welcoming voice: “C’mon boy, let’s explore a bit”.
It’s my Dad. He’s been close all along.
Suddenly, I am overcome by feelings of safe.
He embraces me there in the woods and wipes away my tears.
And so…
I take my Dad’s hand.
It is strong.
We are walking and wandering through the woods together.
As long as I follow Him, I’m not lost.
I’m safe.
He knows where to go, his perspective is better than mine.
It is bigger.
He sees the other side of the woods.
He speaks to me as we wander…
“There will be thorns and rocky roads, you will fall down, there will be wolves, but don’t be afraid, I will be there to pick you up. There are things to see in the woods that you can’t see anywhere else. There are discoveries in the dark that are essential to your journey”
I tighten my grip on His hand and I walk with my Dad through the woods.

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