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I have a confession to make…

I’m now sleeping with a nightlight.
It’s true.
I’m not ashamed.
Ever since this whole crazy journey started, we have a nightlight plugged in all the time.
I’m getting up a lot in the night.
I do the restless rhumba.
I go to the restroom 38 times.
I get up a lot.
So we have a nightlight.
It’s not that I’m not familiar with our bedroom.
I know my way around…
It’s just that SOMETIMES there are unexpected things in the dark.
You might step on a lego, you might trip over the box that you didn’t realize was there.
You might even step in a late night gift from the dog…EEEWWW!!
There are unexpected things there  in the night.
So, I sleep with a nightlight.
Because, I’m really not sure what’s out there.
And it seems that lately the really scary things come out at night…
the clammy-whammies…
the creeping-hurts…
the raging-brain-bombs.
Just like when I was eight years old, the monsters come out from under my bed.
Bullies love the dark.
It makes them seem bigger and scarier.
THAT is why we ALL need a nightlight.
Here’s the cool thing…
Even in the darkest night, the light shines through.
Light is always stronger than dark.
Light literally swallows up the darkness.
It illuminates the bullies and shows them for who they really are…
Temporary shadows in the night.
Sometimes life is a walk in the dark
Light helps me get a grip.
I sleep with a nightlight.

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