The King of Limbo.

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When I was growing up there was a roller skating rink in my hometown called Skate Ranch. It was a great place for a seventh grader to spend a Saturday afternoon. It was a big metal building that smelled like socks, pretzels and carpet cleaner. There was loud music and greasy food and girls!
My mom would give me five bucks and drop me off in her Dodge Dart.
And I would hit the rink…literally.
I was never a great skater, or even what you might call a mediocre skater.
I fell down ALOT.
But I tried!
I would try to skate around the rink at least once, usually to the beat of Wango Tango by Ted Nugent.
I had my own unique skating style.
It was called the “wobble and cling”.
I was ridiculously wobbly as I clung to the wall. Then after one painful lap, I would head for the concession stand to consume nachos and an Icee.
There were usually skate parties happening, I was almost never invited.
There were certain things that happened every Saturday…
They would turn down the lights, turn on the big disco ball and have the couple’s skate.
I never had the confidence to actually dance with another human being, so THAT is when I would hit the pinball games. I left my skates on because I was self conscious about my dirty socks. Playing the KISS pinball game with skates on was tricky!
The couple’s skate never lasted long. Usually, the length of one Barry Manilow song.
Then the REAL fun would start, the games!
There was one rink game where you picked a corner and the rink attendant would roll some huge pink fuzzy dice. That was fun, but we were all waiting for the king of the rink.
The game that was as fun to watch as play.
Eventually we would be rewarded as the attendant with the tight referee shirt and whistle would come out with two poles and a stick.
It was FINALLY time for the King of all skate rink games…LIMBO!!
The rules were simple, you had to go lower and lower to get underneath the stick without touching the stick or hitting the ground.
The challenge was to see how low you could go.
The song would start with a calypso beat…
“Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world,
Gonna do the limbo rock
All around the limbo clock,
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick…”
Skaters would pass under the stick, if you made it, you moved to the next round, until finally someone would do the backward splits and win the game.
I was never really good at limbo. You might think that because of my natural proximity to the ground that I might be. I mean I start low, right?, how hard can it be for me to go a little lower.
Turns out, it’s pretty tricky.
For starters I was on skates.
Second, I have no real sense of balance even without wheels on my feet.
I was always out by the second round.
The only reason that I ever even attempted limbo was to get the attention of someone that I liked.
This always backfired.
I would be showing off for that cute girl, and suddenly, she got to witness me splitting my toughskin jeans.
I never became the king of the limbo stick.
But, that’s alright, because, the limbo king is a friend of mine.
Jesus is the undisputed limbo king.
That’s right, man!
Jesus is amazing at limbo AND He does it for the same reason as me!
God stoops to get the attention of someone He likes…YOU!
“The WORD became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” John 1 (MSG)
Jesus is the God who goes low because of love.
He does everything he can to come into our world to let us know that we are known and loved.
He goes low.
How low can He go?
He stooped down to the point of becoming one of us, He experienced all of the hopes and hurts of being human.
How low can He go?
He became a completely dependent baby. The Creator was carried and cared for by the creation.
How low can He go?
He grew up subject to earthly parents and authorities.
How low can He go?
He hung out with a group of misfits, outsiders, and weirdos. He made it clear there was a place on the skate rink for EVERYBODY.
How low can He go?
He died a horrible death on a stick on a pole.
He turns the game upside down.
Suddenly, low is high, last is first…
How high can He go?
He beat death.
How high can He go?
He started the greatest skate party of all time.
How high can He go?
He invites us ALL to the party, even when we can’t skate, even when we have dirty socks.
God stoops down low to get the attention of someone He loves.
Jesus is the God who goes low because of love.
He is the King.
Start up the disco ball!

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