Wild turkeys and when WHOA becomes WOW.

Posted: June 7, 2018 in Uncategorized


I almost killed a wild turkey this morning…

with my car.

I was on the way to work, driving along unsuspectingly, when there he was!

He came from my blind side, I suddenly saw it trying to run across the street.

He was quite plump and he was jogging in a herky jerky spastic style, I immediately thought “WOW! that’s what it looks like when I try to run.” Except that I’m much slower. 

Then, right before he ran into my Kia, the turkey took off in very awkward flight, he was frantically flapping his wings and flipping his feet for leverage. It really looked like the wild turkey had been drinking Wild Turkey. 

THEN…at the very last second, just before the gobbler became part of my windshield…

awkward became agile!

The wild turkey took off in wild, beautiful flight. 

I’m so glad!!

I would have felt REALLY bad about hitting him.

The wild turkey would have felt worse.

It can save a life when awkward becomes agile and we suddenly take off.

Fly turkey fly! 

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