Posted: April 26, 2018 in Uncategorized
Dear One,
I see you there on the cellar floor…
Left behind, beatdown, broken…
Made to feel like you are not enough because you are not the same.
Oh dear one…
How could you ever be “less than” when you bear the mark of your Maker?
I know the Artisan who made you.
I recognize His work. 
I see his craft in your eyes and it is good and glorious.
You are not accident.
You are art!
You didn’t just happen. 
You were made…
You were made in His image and His likeness.
Image made to reflect Him in choice and creativity.
Likeness made to be like Him in how we hold and heal, in how we show kindness and love.
Image and likeness make us all the same and equal.
Image and likeness ALSO make us all completely unique and endlessly interesting.
The image of God looks different on us all because…
God is kaleidoscope.
The Creator is EVERY imaginable subtle shade of beauty and goodness, endless creativity, whimsy and wonder.
No one child or culture could contain all of that!
We can only properly reflect IMAGE when we stand together in LIKENESS.
So dear one…
Rise up!
Realize who you are.
Remember whose you are.
Rise up…
Beauty from ashes.
Take dominion over the creeping things.
And dear one, I must warn you there are creeping things out there lurking around.
creeping things bent on crushing the image.
As you rise up, crush the creeping things under your feet.
Rise up off the cellar floor.
And refuse to ever be the same.
(Genesis 1:26)
thank you Lisa Sharon Harper and Jen Hatmaker for igniting these thoughts.

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