The God of WOO and WOW!

Posted: February 14, 2018 in Uncategorized


There is a word that has to be one of the coolest words EVER. It’s a incredibly fun word. It’s fun to say or shout or even whisper this word.
The word is WOO!
WOO is a wonderful word!
It means to try to gain the love of someone.
To WOO is to work to get the attention of someone you care about.
Valentine’s Day is a big WOO day.
People work hard to WOO today!
They WOO with chocolate and flowers.
They WOO with Valentine’s cards shaped like hearts.
But…hold on, wait a minute, wait a minute…put a little love in it…
WHAT IF the original Valentine’s wasn’t shaped like a heart, but instead shaped like a…
What if in the beginning God created things like stars, and waterfalls, and cocker spaniels as Valentine’s?
What if stars were God’s very impressive way of WOOing us, showing off, and getting our attention?
What if God WOOs us by creating a WOW?
I think God’s plan was for His people to be WOOed by the WOW. He created a garden that was full of WOW, but, in a shocking plot twist, Adam and Eve got distracted by the WHOA!!
We do that…
We lose sight of the WOW because of the WHOA.
As in…
WHOA! I shouldn’t believe this lie.
WHOA! I shouldn’t be here.
WHOA! I shouldn’t be doing this.
All the while God is WOOing.
The good news is that the God of the WOO knows how to wait.
He created a whole new Valentine’s. It wasn’t shaped like a heart, it was shaped like a cross.
In the ultimate act of WOO!
God died to show his love for us…WOW!
The Bible is one big love story. God is WOOing His people.
He wants them to experience the WOW!
But, we keep getting tripped up by the WHOA.
In Jeremiah 31:3 God tells His people: “I have drawn you with loving kindness”.
Let the Creator and Rescuer of your heart WOO you.
Choose to live in the WOW and not the WHOA!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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