Blue Fizz.

Posted: January 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m man enough to proudly proclaim that I love bath bombs.
It’s true.
I’m a big fan of the fragrant fizzers. They are my second favorite way to make bubbles in a bathtub.
Bath bombs always have very creative, tranquil sounding names like “Pink Jasmine Unicorn Bliss” or “Sangria Serenity Shavings”.
In the last week I’ve enjoyed “Mango Lemongrass” and “Lavender Melon Ball” (which both sound like questionable salad ideas!)
The one that I used tonight was called “Angel Sweat”. It made the water a beautiful, deep shade of blue…
the exact same shade of blue that you find in most porta pottys.
It suddenly dawned on me as I relaxed in the piping hot tub that it looked like I was reclining in a large portable toilet.
That’s a pretty awesome realization.
I didn’t get out of the tub, I was enjoying soaking in the blue water too much.
In fact, I sat there and thought…
Hmmm…they should name that one “Steaming Commode”, but, I’m not sure if that would go over with the traditional bath bomb crowd.
It make me think…
They should make bath bombs that you wouldn’t expect….tomato soup? Swamp? Nacho cheese? French onion dip?
That would be pretty awesome.

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