We Can…

Posted: January 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
How does someone spend their time today?
If you have the day off you could go to a parade. You could read a letter from Birmingham jail.
But, there are also some things that we could ALL do…
Things that matter, things to honor, things done in a spirit of remembrance, and respect.
Things that cost nothing.
Things that cost everything.
We can dream out loud of a world where greatness is an equal opportunity endeavor for EVERYbody.
We can flex our character muscles by showing bravery and kindness.
We can refuse to judge.
We can refuse to nurse preconceived notions.
We can refuse to be colorblind, Be color celebrant. We appreciate different beautiful hues in flowers, Let’s do the same with each other. celebrate the variety that brings value.
We can listen!! Listen to the stories of our brothers and sisters. Walk in the shoes of another, carry a load that you weren’t born with.
We can let love drive out hate.
We can refuse to stay silent about the things that matter.
We can…

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