VIII Things I Learned From Star Wars…

Posted: December 14, 2017 in Uncategorized


I was in 7th grade when my life was changed forever!
It was in a funky little one screen movie theater in beautiful downtown Collinsville, Oklahoma, that something truly magical happened…
I saw Star Wars for the first time.
The opening scene took my breath away and captured my imagination.
It was like nothing I had ever seen….the underbelly of a huge star destroyer accompanied by amazing music! I was transported to a place, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”
I was hooked! I was destined to be a Star Wars nerd forever.
I collected action figures, trading cards and stickers. I had a R2D2 lunch box. I made homemade light sabers out of old toilet paper rolls and duct tape. I still have toys in my office and I own a rather impressive collection of Star Wars shirts.
Star Wars changed my life. It made me proud of my name…up until that point, I had been the only Luke that I ever knew. It wasn’t a super popular name. I got called Luke the Puke a lot ( yeah, I know, REAL original!!) but, suddenly people were calling me Luke Skywalker (so much cooler than a nickname involving vomit).

Over the years, Star Wars taught me some valuable life lessons.
I narrowed it down to VIII:

I. Sometimes the biggest heroes come in the smallest packages. My two favorite characters in the Star Wars saga are Yoda and R2D2. Both of them are really short, judge them by their size, do you? That wouldn’t be wise. Don’t underestimate because of appearance.

II. Everybody has a part in the story, even Jar Jar Binks. The story is big and there’s room for characters and things that you don’t understand or like. Also, realize that life is all about episodes, some episodes are better than others. Some episodes are all about character development, don’t rush the story.

III. It’s easier to hate enemies who are faceless. There is a reason that stormtroopers wear masks. When you can’t see their eyes it’s easier to blast them. Darth Vader wasn’t nearly as intimidating when the mask came off. Unmask the people that you think are your enemies and you will likely find common.

IV. Most families are flawed. But, there is still good in them. If you look for the good, instead of focus on the flaws, family members might just surprise you.

V. Sometimes when people tell you that these are not the droids you’re looking for, they are messing with you.
Sometimes when people tell you that these are not the dreams you’re looking for, they are messing with you.

VI. You can try to change the past to protect your image, but the fact remains…
Han shot first.
Rogues need redemption, not rewrites.

VII. There is probably a good reason if you have a bad feeling about something.

VIII. Hope is contagious, it can make things new. And, it can be disturbing to live with a lack of faith.

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