My Many Colored Christmas.

Posted: December 11, 2017 in Uncategorized


I’ve heard slow songs about various shades of Christmas…
“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.”
“I’ll have a Blue Christmas without you.”
I’ve seen the shades of the seasons.
I’ve seen white, and I’ve felt blue.
But that’s not where the palette ends…
Christmas is full of color…
from pretty green wrapping paper to shiny red lights, the season is meant to be a sight to behold.
Christmas is all about color.
I’ve experienced many Yuletide colors.
I’ve had Christmases that were more red than green, because we had more love than money. Those were deeply meaningful times that I wouldn’t take any amount of cash for.
I’ve experienced Christmases made gold by the company I keep. My bride brings brightness to the holidays we’ve shared.
Over two decades ago, I’m man enough to say I had a pink Christmas because of a sweet little December baby that changed my focus forever.
I’ve seen bright yellow Christmases, full of vibrant happiness and creativity.
I’ve tasted Christmas that was the same savory shade as green bean casserole, as I gathered around a table to savor the gift of family and friends.
I’ve seen seasons that were sobering shades of gray. Holidays when I was forced to navigate new normals because, suddenly, there was an empty seat at the table.
I’ve never dreamed of a beige Christmas, but the thought of a purple and orange holiday makes my heart grow three sizes.
I’ve had a camouflage Christmas where I got lost in the trappings of the season. Busyness blinded me to the true colors.
And FINALLY, I’ve had plaid Christmases when all the colors intersected into a beautiful pattern.
So many colors…
And, Christmas is all about color.
On the very first Christmas, light came into our world…
The creator of uncontainable color contained in a little brown baby.
A light meant to open our darkened eyes to color.
A light that drives out the shadows and finally exposes beauty in all its shades.
“The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.” (from John 1 MSG)
Light came so that we could discover the true essence of color. Hues finally came alive and beauty was unveiled.
If you look, you can see it…
The true beauty of Christmas…
The true beauty of each other…
Red, yellow, black, brown, and white…
We are preciousness finally in clear sight.
The light reveals the true colors.
And, Christmas is all about color.
Not just blue, not only white…
Christmas is meant to be like a candy dish full of the old fashioned hard candy from your grandma’s house. Stocked full of every imaginable color of sweet joy, wonder and hope.

So, my friend I bid you…
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be…


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