Getting it all…

Posted: November 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Did you ever hear about the guy who always got everything he wanted?
If not at first than after he threw a fit, pouted, argued, and taunted.
He would set his sights on something and ask for it again and again.
Then asks became demands as he crossed his arms and jutted out his chin.
He wore down resistance to get the countless things that he desired.
He was never quite satisfied with the stuff that he had acquired.
He got what he wanted, but never really got what was needed.
Some of the most important lessons were left ignored and unheeded.
He ended up with a personality that was not quite two inches deep.
It turns out waiting and failing can teach life lessons we should keep.
Not getting everything all the time is meant to build strong character.
But, this poor dude never learned that, it never seemed to register.
You see, getting everything you want can leave you like old cottage cheese: spoiled and sour.
Rather than full, it makes you empty and it can make your little life undeniably dour.
So, be thankful for all the gifts that you will never ever be seeing.
It is all meant to craft you into a properly constructed human being.


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