The Day the Little Cowboy got dunked.

Posted: October 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

The little cowboy had examined his path and decided to go down a different trail, even though at barely 7 years old, his previous path wasn’t exactly littered with tumbleweed and bad decisions.
But he had decided to follow Jesus.
He wanted everyone to know that he was a part of God’s posse. So he went public and took the next step, he decided to get dunked.
If memory serves, it was a Sunday night service in a Baptist Church in Owasso, Oklahoma.
The little cowboy was proudly wearing a t-shirt, cut off Blue Jean shorts and red and black cowboy boots.
Like any good little cowpoke, he refused to take his boots off.
After he got baptized he dried his moppy head with an old towel, and then he stepped out of the baptism waiting room that was right behind the church platform. He stepped into the main sanctuary where the pastor was trying to proceed with a serious, stuffy evening service. But, suddenly, across the room, over the sound of the sermon you heard…
It was the beautiful sound of soaking wet cowboy boots walking on freshly vacuumed church carpet.
Some of the church folks were indignant, some couldn’t help but giggle.
I think it made God laugh loud.
That was the FIRST time that I was ever baptized.
Over the years, I went down some wrong trails. Every time that I came to my senses and got back on the path, I felt compelled to wash the trail dust off with a fresh dunking. It wasn’t always necessary, but it didn’t hurt anything.
My first baptism was also the first time that my Dad had been to church in a while and he stuck around. He even taught Royal Ambassadors (which was a baptist version of the Boy Scouts). He left the same church a few years later when, on another Sunday evening, they kicked my Mom out…seriously! (One of the deacons did tell Dad that he could still come and bring us boys. Dad told him where he could stick his church). Religious people can be pretty mean sometimes. Maybe they need to get dunked again, held under a little longer.
But, It turns out that baptism isn’t about who you are riding WITH, it’s about who you are riding FOR.
This little cowboy got dunked over 4 decades ago.
I haven’t regretted the decision to follow Jesus or the decision to let others know about it.
At times, it has required true grit.
I can’t live unforgiven.
I’ve disappointed others and I’ve been disappointed.
I’ve encountered the good, the bad, and the ugly…desperados, dandies, lone rangers, and true heroes.
But, I’ve been delivered and dunked and so, everyday, I strap on my boots (I try not to get them wet), and I chose to ride a blazing saddle all the way to Heaven’s gate.
Giddy Up!



  1. What a great story Luke. After reading it I think back on the times should have taken another dunk.

    Liked by 1 person

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