Don’t kill the Unicorn.

Posted: September 25, 2017 in Uncategorized


This is Frank.
He is a cardboard unicorn.
He is a resident of our youth room.
He is not real, he is just fun.

We have have him in our space because we want to create a place of wonder, a place where imagination can run wild like a mythical horned stallion.

But, evidently Frank bugs some people.
They turn him around so he can’t be seen.
Then, they hide him behind some other props.
It seems there are unicorn haters.
They don’t tolerate myth.
They fear Frank.

We brought Frank into our space because we think middle schoolers are confronted with enough ugly reality everyday. EVERY thing in their life is changing. They are constantly looking for a place to belong and they are being told they don’t measure up. They feel ugly, alone and unwanted.
They need to be reminded of wonder.
Their story is a little confusing and scary.
They need some myth in the middle of their mess.
They need the hope of a better story.
That is what myth does.
It invites us to be citizens of imagine nation.
It opens our minds and hearts up to the possibility of living a better story.
We are a people in need of myth.
Myths are about mystery, wonder.
Myths point to something bigger than us.
Myths provoke us to climb mountains and storm castles.
Myth can make us brave.
Our lives are myths, not fairy tales.
We can’t kill the unicorns.

But, wait…
Let’s be Frank…
Wonder scares us.
Imagination is an offensive act to those who are lost in certainty.
Fascination freaks some people out, it isn’t very practical, you can’t contain it or control it.
I mean, come on, there is no room for myth or merriment in the real world…right?!
There is no place for imagination.
Real men don’t believe in unicorns…right?!
It’s childish.
But, wait…
THAT is the point!
Let’s be Frank…
We have to shake off our cynical selves and rediscover myth and mystery.
We need to lose ourselves in a senseless Wonder.
It’s never too late to saddle up your unicorn.
Let’s ride!

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